Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cards to have in your stash

Does this ever happen to you?  You are going about your life, humming along a mile-a-minute as usual and then... BANG!  An occasion arises that requires a card.  You don't have time to make one. There's no time to stop at the store for one.  What do you do?

This happened to me today as I realized it was my turn to post a card over on the Card-A-Day blog!  What do I do?  I run to my stash, pull out a blank card, put a sentiment on it and GO!  

I came up with a simple card.  It may not be flashy, but it's not boring either. And in just a couple of minutes I was ready to post it.  I'd already done the work of cutting and assembling the card a long time ago.  The hardest part was picking which sentiment to put on it!

I started out with one of the cards from my Flip-Flop cards cutting file set.  I used a masculine color scheme for the ones in my stash.  It's nice to have a few masculine cards ready to go, don't you think?  

 I added a rub-on and a bit of ribbon to dress it up on the front.

Another rub-on on the inside.  I like that when this card is unfolded, whatever was on the sides of the card on the front is still visible!  Plus there is lots of room to write a little something.

If you throw a few basics in your stash like these, you can quickly dress them up for any occasion!

Looking for this cutting file?  Here's a link:

Here are a few suggestions for more fun cards to put in your stash:

Time to get crafty, people!


Tina Campbell said...

Fantastic job on an easy, quick card! Thanks for pointing out the stash we all have, and I think there are a few of us in that last minute category! LOL

Creative Genie said...

Love cards with interesting folds! The polka dots are so fun!

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