Thursday, September 29, 2011

Color Swatch Thursday: Old Glass

This week has been a little bit busy with all the changes I've been making to get my designs uploaded to their new home.  I've been updating everything with new SVG and MTC files as well as redoing the images.  Phew!  It's a lot of work!

Samantha has been busy, too.  She really takes after her mom sometimes.  Her homework assignment for this week is a big project.  She's excited not to have regular homework and absolutely loves crafty projects.  The project is on Ancient Greece and/or the Olympics.  Sam decided to make a model of an ancient Greek theater.  She loooooves dioramas.  It's the crafty in her.  She spent most of last Saturday researching and creating it.  Then every day after school she has refined and added more details.  She also decided to make a Powerpoint presentation to go along with it.  Gotta love having a gifted child who can't help herself.  The hardest part for me is allowing her to do it herself.  I'm just too much of a perfectionist. But I know she needs to do it herself and not be pressured by me to be perfect. 

This totally brought back memories for me of a project I did in school.  Not sure what grade it was, probably 6th or 7th grade.  I attempted to make a model of Macchu Picchu out of clay.  I'm sure it was pretty good, looking back on it now.  I imagine that I got a decent grade on it.  But at the time, I felt like it was a horrible failure because there was so much detail I couldn't possibly fit in.  Because it didn't look {exactly} like the real Macchu Picchu I knew it wasn't any good.  Silly girl I was.  I worry about my own perfectionism becoming too much pressure on Sam.  So, I've just bitten my tongue on a lot of projects and tried to give constructive advice and not criticism.  It's just so hard!

So, speaking Ancient Greece and old stuff in general.  It's time to share a little color swatch with you!

Today's color swatch is inspired by:  Old Glass

I love the look of old glass.  Even if it's not old just old-looking like some of these are.  The green and clear vases aren't old, but just look like it.  I enjoy them anyway.  The mason jar is one of my collection.  I accidentally dropped something on this one while rooting around in my canning cabinet the other day.  It chipped the rim of the jar so it's not useable for canning anymore.  Bummer!  I guess it's held it's last quart of applesauce.  Now it can just look cool.  They don't make them round anymore like this one is, maybe that's why I like it so much.  It's unique.  And it's the only one I have with the "Drey" brand name on it.  Double unique!  So, even though it's chipped, it's a keeper. 

The colors of the glass are restful to my eye.  Cool blues with a little punch of soft green.  So peaceful!

Time to get crafty, people!

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