Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Project Wednesday: Paper Charms

Time for another regularly scheduled blog post!  Every Wednesday I'll be posting a little project for you to try.  Maybe a big project occasionally, but I'll try to keep them small so you can enjoy making something quickly.  Sometimes, they'll be die-cut machine related, sometimes not.

Today's project is... Paper Charms

We made a whole bunch of these at Girls Camp this year.  This is a great project for girls of just about any age.  Younger might need a little help.  I think my favorite thing about this project is seeing the endless variations that the girls came up with. 

You start with a tiny canvas... just one inch square or round.  I used some nifty chipboard shapes for mine.  But why not try something different?  Metal?  Acrylic?  Now your thinking! 

Finish off the base by adding some paper and color around the edges.  Don't want that grey chipboard color peeking out... or do you? Hmmm....

Time for some embellies!  The tiniest ones you can find.  On the blue charm at the top of this post I used some old typewriter key stickers and some tiny flowers.  A little Dew Drop finished it off.  Anything goes, for yours!  Don't copy mine... well... I suppose you can if you really want.

Finally, punch a hole if you want to hang it from something like a necklace.  Finish it off with a coating of Mod Podge sealer.  I love how sealing it with Mod Podge make the whole thing one unified piece.  It's like covering it in shrink wrap.

Here are the full instructions.  If you have trouble reading it, just click on the image below to open it full size. 

Want ideas for using your die-cutter for this project?  Let's see... you could cut the chipboard (or other material) shapes by the dozen.  Especially handy if you want to make circle charms.  Why not cut a bunch of tiny letters or flowers out, too?

Like I said before {and I love repeating myself, I really do}, the thing I love about this project is the endless variations.  It's amazing the amount of creativity you can pack into such a tiny canvas.

Time to get crafty, people!

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bzyPTmom said...

Great idea Jan! I'm lovin' your new blog--way to go!

Caroline said...

fab idea! love your versions.... like "inchies" only with the added benefit of being able to wear them :)

Vicki Smith said...

Great project!

Vicki Smith said...

Great project!

Sara said...

So pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would share this project at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea....

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