Monday, September 26, 2011

The Moving Sale - Last Day!

It's the last day for the Moving Sale!  That's right, 50% off everything ends tonight at Midnight Central Time! If you didn't hear about it on Friday, I'm moving where I sell my files.  Yup, you heard it!

I'm heading over to The MORE team at Visual Designs By Chris.  I couldn't be happier about it!  Not everything is going to make it up into my new catalog at VDBC right away, so today's the last day to snap up anything you've had your eye on for a while before it shows up in the new store.  And you can get it at 50% off, too!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Also, to celebrate, there's a freebie to download!  Just scroll down to the previous post.

So, last Monday, the girls were off school for a teacher development day.  I asked one of Samantha's teachers if it involved back massages and pedicures.  But she said no, it was a long boring training day.  Blech, I think they should have gone with the massages.  Or at least a pedicure.  Is that too much to ask for the people that are responsible for my kids each day?  I think not.  Hmm... now I know what to give them for Christmas, I guess.

Our day last Monday was fun but not too crazy.  Just the way we like it.  The girls and I went out to breakfast, which usually consists of the girls eating three bites of pancake, two whole sausages and nothing else.  Which is where I come in, trying not to finish their food but hating it to go to waste.  I did eat Hailey's hashbrowns though.  I think there's a law against throwing hashbrowns away.  And I always obey the law. 

After breakfast I took the girls to Target to go shopping.  I finally gave them their chore allowance from the past 6 weeks.  Hey, at least I kept track, right?  At a whopping $.05 a chore, it takes a while for it to add up.  They finally each had $5 which had suddenly grown too hot to hold on to any longer.  So, we went off to find some dog food.  And by dog food, I mean small toys that the girls will leave on the floor and the dog will then chew to bits.  This usually ends in a happy dog, but a sad child, or two.  I try to explain this to them regularly without much success.  On the bright side, it keeps the toy bins from getting too full. 

I was also looking for new shoes for me.  Samantha pointed out to me on Sunday that my black church shoes were getting kind of old looking.  And rightly so, since I bought them about the same time she was born.  So, I figured it might be time for a new pair of shoes.  Samantha was desperate for me to get a pair of heels.  I haven't worn heels since... well, since about the time Samantha was born.  Alas, I ended up buying no shoes at all.  They only had ridiculously high heels, {and by ridiculously high I mean higher than an inch} or uncomfortable flats with no arch support.  I wish they made sneakers that looked like dress shoes. 

After the Target excursion we went through the McD's drive through for ice cream cones.  Which of course ended up being mostly eaten by me.  I wish they still had kiddie cones.  My girls can never finish a whole regular cone.  That was about as much excitement as the day afforded.  Not stressful though, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the girls.  They seemed to, as well.

That's all for today folks!  See ya over at VDBC starting tomorrow!

Time to get crafty, people!

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