Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Swatch Thursday: Smell the Flowers

Before we moved to Arizona four years ago {Wow!  Time sure has flown!} we lived in Connecticut for... forever it seemed.  I still miss much about living in that beautiful place.  I don't miss the high cost of living, which is what prompted us to move here.  What I do miss?  Mostly, green.  Yup, green.  Okay, another thing I don't miss is the weekly mowing of nearly an acre of lawn.  If I could have the positives of having a cool green lawn back without having to do all the mowing, I would.  Well... I must confess, I didn't do the mowing, but dang, it looked hot and boring and it took the mowers in my family forever to do it!  We're actually contemplating putting in a small patch of grass in our back yard next year.  We have a pretty small yard and I'm tired of looking at gravel all the time.  Luckily with our small yard, if we put in a small patch, I can probably go out there and cut it with scissors.  Or maybe hire a goat.

Another thing I miss?  Our gorgeous flowers.  We do have some nice ones here, too.  But I really miss the huge peony garden we had to one side of our house.  The smelled so sweet in the springtime.  I could throw open my bedroom window and the whole room would fill with the scent.  They surprisingly smelled a lot like roses.  I loved the gorgeous colors of the blooms that would get as big as your head. 

I got to thinking about that garden as I was contemplating color palettes to go along with my flower theme this week.  I even dug around for a couple of hours for my photo cds from back then.  It took me a while to find them.  There they were though, right in a box labeled CDs/Photos on my desk hutch right in front of me.  The first place I looked but for some strange reason the box was invisible that time.  I swear. 

Before I continue with this long digression, I guess I should share the color swatches!  Isn't that what this post is supposed to be about?  Maybe I should change my blog name to Sam & Hailey Digressions.  Sam & Hailey Tangent-Fest?

Today's color swatch is inspired by:  Smell the Flowers

The reason I wanted those photos is because I have a vivid memory of a day in the spring of 2005 when Samantha was just barely 2 years old.  I remembered us running around barefoot in the grass and taking pictures of her and the flowers.  What a happy memory!  I'm so glad I preserved it on CD before the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2007.

Aren't these just the most gorgeous flowers?

Just look at my tiny girl who kicked off her shoes to run through the grass!  Wouldn't you?

She really liked the flowers.

But didn't really enjoy the picture taking that much.  See that expression on her face?  She still makes that face 6 years later.  It's her, "Huh?" face.  I just love it!

Okay, one last gratuitous gorgeous flower picture and then digression-out!

Time to get crafty, people!

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Trisha said...

Gorgeous flower photos, Jan! I love peopnies! And it IS surprising that they smell like roses! Beautiful little girl, too, Sweetie.

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