Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trendwatch Tuesday: Buttons

It's Tuesday, again!  Time for us to highlight a trendy trend.

Today's trend is... Buttons

Buttons, you say?  Yup!  Buttons.  I know, buttons have been around for hundreds of years, maybe even longer.  I'm not a button historian or anthing, so I just made that up.  Why am I highlighting buttons today?  Well, although buttons have been around the craft block for ages, lately I've been seeing buttons used in some very modern trendy projects.  It's chic with a classic twist.

Take, for example, this super hip Button Monogram Wall art from DIYIdeas.com:

I really love this idea.  And it looks so simple to make and soooo very chic.  Use a clean classic font for this project to keep it modern.

How about this simple Button Wreath Ornament from Martha Stewart:
Super simple, right?  And in theory I think it would look too "country" for me.  But the key to making it fresh and modern?  The monochromatic, muted color scheme.  That's what does it for me.

I am totally in love with these Button Bobby Pins from A Homemaker's Journal:

These are totally vintage and totally hip at the same time.  And I'm totally making myself some of them... like yesterday.

Lastly, a little project that you could totally use a digital die-cutter for.  Homemade buttons from shrink plastic!  This awesome project is from Scissors.Paper.Wok:

Here's a simple little card I made with buttons recently:

What makes this project so chic {at least I think so}?  The bold pattern in the background contrasted with the graphic digital stamp in the foreground {I washed over it with a little pale grey copic marker for a tiny bit of depth} makes the yellow buttons just pop right off!  Well not literaly...

Got any nifty button projects of your own?  Post a link in the comments section below!

Time to get crafty, people!

1 comment:

Barracudasue said...

WOW, Jan, those are some great projects using buttons! I need to get in my stash and create something with them! That wall art is amazing! They are all amazing! :)

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