Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the 9th Day of Christmas Creativity...

It's the 9th Day of Christmas Creativity, and that means it's Chris's turn to host.  It's also the 2nd Day of Christmas Vacation, an that means I'm slowly losing my sanity.  Just kidding!  I love having my kids home, when they aren't fighting or demanding to be entertained.  On the positive side, they got their own lunch today.  On the negative side, it was grapes, goldfish and rice krispie treats. Grapes are good for lunch, right?

I'm trying to get all my Christmas projects done and I have another one to share with you today. This one is surprisingly quick and easy, even though it involves spray paint.  Come to think of it, it involves three of my favorite things, spray paint, pretty paper, and Mod Podge.  I thought you might enjoy this one, too.

Shhh... don't tell, but I'm attempting to make sets of these to give as gifts.  If you get a set, please act surprised.

Today's project is... Clothes Pin Gift Tags

Wooden Clothes Pins
Spray Paint
Patterned Paper
Mod Podge
Permanent Marker

1. Spray paint the wooden clothes pins.  I recommend using a quick drying paint.  I used a Krylon metallic silver.  Allow to dry completely, then turn over and spary the other side.
2. Cut strips of paper to fit the tops of the clothes pins.  Mod Podge them onto the clothes pins.  Allow to dry.  This step is optional!  You could just paint and write the names on them.
3. With the permanent marker, write To and From and names on the paper.  See one I left without paper.  I think it looks cool, too.
 4. Clip them onto the ribbon around a gift.

I hope you've enjoyed my little tutorial!  Here's another portable version for you.  Click it to open it large and then save it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow!  It's my last day to host the 12 Days of Christmas Creativity!

Oh and don't forget about my giveaways!. Be sure and enter by commenting on each day!

Here are the prizes:

1) Three Prizes: The whole set of 12 Days of Christmas Tags
2) $10 gift code to Sam & Hailey Designs
3) $10 Michaels Gift Card
4) The December VDBC Grab Bag (or a $7 gift code to Sam & Hailey Designs if you have already purchased it)

How can you win them? On the 12th Day (that will be the 23rd for our little blog-fest) I'll hold a drawing for each one of the prizes (that's four six drawings in one day... I think I can handle it!). All you have to do to enter is comment on my blog to enter. You can comment on my blog on each of the 12 days so you'll have up to 12 entries in the drawings! Each day I'll have a new thing I'll ask you to include in your comment so keep an eye out for that. It's as simple as that!

Today's comment requirement:

Leave a comment with your favorite Christmas-time activity to do with kids.  I need some ideas of what to do with these munchkins all week!

Be sure to include some way to contact you in case you win the drawing (for example, your VDBC forum name, your email address, etc.). If you don't, I might not be able to get your prize to you!

Time to get crafty, people!


Jun Bug House said...

Well, I can't believe I am first today.
Pastime for out of school with kids, coloring.
Find wonderful printout color pages from Googling.
They are awesome and so nice to send to gramma or grampa, even if they live in town.
Nothing beats Snail Mail.

Lisa said...

Such a clever idea. I love it!

Kelly S said...

Decorating Christmas cookies. I always loved doing that as a kid.

Kathy Serrahn said...

neat projects
I do the Christmas baking with my daughter and 2 grandsons

Renae said...

My kids are getting pretty big, so I am lucky if they want to stay home and spend any time with me. We do usually do one activity together, baking.

rpcrafter at gmail dot com

Denise Foor Studio PA said...

On Thanksgiving we make a stapled booklet...."I'm thankful for" and write each person's name at the top of a page....the girls go around and interview each attendee...that way relatives can't resist writing in the booklet. At Christmas same type of stapled booklet that the girls decorate...."Blessing Booklet"....person's name at the top of each page and they write a blessing they have received...hopefully more than one. LOL

bzyPTmom said...

I still enjoy baking with my kids--we have yet to do it and they are quite helpful as they are both in their 20's. We also would let them stay up late one night and drive around looking at Christmas lights, we'd bring hot cocoa with us, some of the neighborhoods had a live Santa, others collected foot for the homeless shelters so we'd make sure we had some extra cans of food to leave as well.

Pam S said...

Cute idea! It's been a long time, but decrorating cookies and driving around looking at the decorations are two things we always did. My granddaughter and I did Gingerbread men when she lived close, every year trying a different recipe, never found one we really liked, but it was fun anyway.
Pam in SD

Esther W-B said...

Thanks for another cute idea and tut. I'm seldom around kidlets so haven't a clue what to do with them, lol.

Anna said...

What a clever idea...love it. I made the gingerbread ornaments with my granddaughters this year.

Cherie said...

What? Due to the lack of school, your kids are fighting? Mine aren't fighting AT ALL. (I hope you are reading the heavy sarcasm in there...) Your clothes pin tags are absolutely adorable! Jan, I do not need to add one more thing to my to do list. :P

momof5 said...

We like to make glitter Christmas balls and also make treats then ding door ditch them without getting caught.

doodlingdebbie said...

Thise clothespin tags are precious! We make easy to make angels,and fun and easy origami stars which the grandchildren decorate and let dry before we fold them. I made a couple of them yesterday with two of the grandchildren. I'll post the cutting file on the Silhouette Plus forum if you would like to cut some of them out for your children. They are super easy and fun to make.

Sandra from NC said...

I love those clothes pins! What would make them even better is if you could "erase" the names and reuse them - lol.

My son is 17 yrs old and we still bake cookie cutter cookies and decorate them. His friends come over for the decorating. Not much more fun than to watch 3 or 4 teenage boys decorating cookies :-).

Anonymous said...

could you please reenter the images for this project as I can only see a grey triangle with an exclamation mark thank you

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