Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Wednesday: Frame-able Cards

Yes! I'm still here! Like I mentioned last week... it's run-around-like-a-chicken-with-your-head-cut-off-season. Also known as the Christmas Season. Soooo.... much to get done. My goal this week is to get all my projects finished up before Friday so my wonderful hubby and mail them out to the four corners of the earth. I think for the past few years he has had to ship things out overnight. A pricey procrastinator... that's me! So, all regularly scheduled blog posts may or may not happen for the rest of the month. Just letting you know up front!

Today I have a really cute project for you! I'm excited to share it. It's also my opportunity to guest-post on the Card-A-Day Blog. Be sure to hop over there to see what this month's challenge is. You could win something fabulous! Plus, it's just an all around great place to get some inspiration.

Today's project is... Frame-able Cards

I love making handmade cards. One year I made dozens of different designs and mailed them to all my friends and family. Then I cried when I mailed them, knowing that 99% of them would be thrown out and the other 1% would probably end up with the dust bunnies under someone's sofa. As I was contemplating the card I had planned to make today, I decided I couldn't allow this to happen to this one! Why not make it a jumbo card that could be framed as a piece of holiday decor?

I started by creating this cute digital stamp of my daughter Samantha. {Sadly I realized as I was coloring it that I'd left off her trademark freckles but oh well, what's done is done.} I love this sweet pose and serene expression. It needed a little something Christmasy so I added the present on her lap. As I was drawing it, the song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music kept running through my head. And... suddenly... a sentiment was born! This is an awesome grandparent card, in my opinion... who wouldn't love to hear that they are one of your favorite things!

After I colored it with my Copic Markers. {Don't look that close, I'm not that great at it.} I framed it out with some pretty Christmas scrapbook paper. The finished size is 8"x10" so it would fit nicely in a frame! I didn't make it into a traditional card, I'll just write a note on the back {or more likely have my girls write a note}. I love the idea of making something to display and keep rather than something I know will likely be tossed away.

Since I don't think I'll be getting another Freebie up this Friday, I thought I'd share this Digi Stamp with you! I hope you will get some use out of it. This design includes the stamp with and without the sentiment, plus a separate stamp of the little present so you can layer it. There are also cutting lines for the girl and the present so you can do a print and cut on your digital die-cut machine!

Boring but Important Legal Stuff: My terms of use are included in each zipped download. If you have any questions about how you may use this file, please read it. By clicking to download the file, you are agreeing to abide by the terms. If you'd like to share it, please don't. Rather, send your friends a link to this blog post. Once it's no longer available as a freebie, you might be tempted to share it with someone. Please don't! 'Nuf said!

This design will only be up for a limited time, so be sure to grab it while you are here! Click to download your favorite file type:

SORRY!  This download has expired.  Look for it soon in the Sam & Hailey Designs Store!

Time to get crafty, people!


Johanne said...

This is very beautiful Jan. Thank you very much.

Betsey in SC said...

Beautiful file- TFS

Anna said...

Jan thank you so very much. It is just lovely. Again great file. Bless you.

Margie said...

Beautiful files!! Thanks for sharing!

Trisha said...

Oh, my! This is so lovely. I got all teary-eyed when I saw it, and then I read your text. What a beautiful thing to do for the grandparents. Thank you so very much for sharing this.

Lisa said...

Very cute! With or without freckles. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your daughter with us, she is lovely.



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