Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color Swatch Thursday: Grandmother's Cameo

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It's day four of Fall Break!  We've had a ball together all week long.  Only a few bumps along the way as you might expect for a Mom who's used to having her own time and two girls who are used to being kept busy at school all day long.  On the bright side, I've only had to chase Bandit, the tiny dog, down the street twice this week.  So far.  I guess we are doing okay if that's the only real stress we've had.

It was my birthday yesterday.  I generally like to keep it low key.  I kind of made the mistake last year of saying I didn't wanted to pretend I wasn't turning 40.  So we um... pretty much ignored it.  My sweet husband always takes me at my word.  Hahaha!  This year I didn't make any such demands.  We went out to dinner and the girls made me some homemade cards.  They also woke me up about 6:30 am, not my favorite birthday gift, but it is what it is.  Thank goodness for Facebook announcing to the universe that it's your birthday.  It sure boosted my spirits to have so many well wishes on my wall all day long.  Thanks, everyone!

So, it's the big 4-1 this year.  I don't know how I managed to get this old.  And yet here I am.  A few months ago we listening to the radio news in the car.  The story mentioned the word "middle aged."  Samantha piped up and said, "That's like you, Mom!"  What??? Me?  Middle-aged?  She continued on, "You are in the middle, because you are a grandma, but you are still young!"  Ahhh... phew, thanks for clarifying that point there, Sam.  I usually get a kick out of telling people I have two one year old granddaughters. I love the look of surprise on their faces.  But then, someday, I know it will happen.... no one will look surprised anymore and then I will know I've reached true middle-aged-ness.

Speaking of grandparents.  I was pondering mine as I was thinking about Cameos on for Tuesday's Trendwatch. When my beloved Aunt Shelba passed away 11 years ago, I inherited some of her jewelry.  I am not a jewelry person usually, but these pieces I absolutely love.  It's a little blend of the old and the new.  There's a modern crystal cameo with a silver hoop around it, a large opal with rhinestones around it, the silver heiroglyph pendant my Aunt bought in Egypt with her name on it, and my favorite, my Grandmother Thomas's cameo.  I wore her cameo on my wedding day.  I love feeling connected to her by wearing it. It's not very big, as far as cameos go, but it's so special to me.  I decided to share these pieces with you for today's color swatch.

I love the soft subtle nearly-mono-chromatic palette.  Cameo pinks with a pinch of soft gold.  This would make a lovely color scheme for a wedding scrapbook layout or something with a vintage family history flavor. I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

As always, if you make something with this color swatch set, you are more than welcome to post it on your blog and then post a link in the comments section below.

Don't forget the Color Swatch challenge going on right now on the VDBC Anniversary Celebration Forum!

Time to get crafty, people!

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