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Re-Post from 3.2.09 - Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

This is a repost of my March 2nd, 2009 blog post on my old blog.  I want to save some of my more important blog posts before the old blog goes away.  Hey, I think it's good enough to share twice!

Happy Monday! I'll bet you thought I'd fallen off the earth! No, just going crazy getting ready for Samantha's Birthday party. We only do a big party every other year so I wanted this one to be special. And it sure was! The Fancy Nancy theme was a hit. We jam packed two hours full of all the girl stuff we could. Sadly, Victor escaped being made fancy along with the girls. It was close at one point though. He almost gave in, but they were too busy making butterfly wands to follow through on the threat. Maybe next time! :-D

Here are some pictures of the party! This is the birthday cake... I mean cupcakes. Sam wanted cupcakes so I borrowed a cupcake stand from my friend Amy. I decorated the cupcakes in true Fancy Nancy style with lots of layers of accessories. On top I made little Kusudama style paper flowers. Normally they have five points but I was trying to conserve effort and only made them with four points. I'm going to make them into something now that the party is over. I thought I'd still be able to make them into a Kusudama ball but they need five points to be able to go together correctly! I ended up making a wheel instead of a ball. I'll try to remember to take a picture. But, anyway, I think the cupcakes looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself!

For treat bags we made Extra Tall Purse Bags for the goodie bags. I had to share with you Sam's brilliant idea. We were sitting there looking at the bags and all the things to go in them. Sam pipes up and says, "Mom if you cut a little hole in the front of the bag, you could clip one of the flower clips on there as a decoration!" I was so excited about the idea that we did just that! Victor looked at me and shook his head... "She's so your daughter!" LOL! I'm so proud! The look great, don't they?

How about some more Fancy Nancy Birthday Party pictures!

I had to take a picture of her birthdate on the Perpetual Calendar for posterity:
Here are Victor and the girls getting the house all fancy:
Our fancy table settings:

The girls waiting for their guests to arrive:

Ready to get fancy!

Hailey couldn't be left out of the fanciness, of course!

Here they are after getting extra fancy with their friends. They are making butterfly wands out of coffee filters. Silly me, I don't know anything about coffee and their filters and I bought the wrong ones. The turned out okay anyway.

Last picture for this post... the food! Gotta have fancy food! I forgot to take a picture before we started eating it though. I made bread in my Pampered Chef tube pans. It worked out pretty good. I've had them forever and have only used them a couple of times! We had egg salad (Sam's favorite) and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. You should have seen Victor's beautiful fruit plate arrangement before we started eating. And he says he's not creative! Ha!

Also, gotta have a fancy pinata.  This was a princessy one, of course.  They didn't have much luck with it until Victor smashed it to smithereens for them. Best moment of the party!

I hope you enjoyed our Fancy Nancy Party Pics!  If you have a little Princess maybe it inspired you!

Time to get crafty, people!

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