Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trendwatch Tuesday: Black & White Halloween

You know how when a man gets a cold, we say he has a "Man Cold?" Okay, at least I say that. It's the kind of cold that at the slightest hint of the sniffles a man, {say for example, your husband, not that I'm pointing any fingers} wanders the house looking pitiful until you order them to bed for the tenth time and they finally go.  Then they get to sleep blissfully with no interruptions for as long as they like?  Yeah, that's the kind of "Man Cold" I'm talking about. Well, I have a "Mom Cold" this week.  That's the kind of cold that no matter how bad it gets, you still have to get up and do all the Mom stuff you'd normally do.  Make breakfast, get kids up and dressed, make lunches, get kids home from school, get homework done, make dinner, get kids ready for bed, etc.  I'm grateful that I was able to get a little extra sleep yesterday while the kids were at school.  I'm also really grateful for the numerous texts my husband sent me during my naptime to see how I was feeling.  He's so caring!  No really, I am grateful.  He took the kids to the bus stop yesterday on his way to work.  That was a huge help as I just couldn't see myself walking a block down the street.  Today I'm feeling a smidgen better.  I figure I can at least sit and write for a while before crashing in bed again.

Okay, time for a little Trendwatch fun!  I hope you still have some room for Halloween decor, because these ideas quite possibly will inspire you to get creative and actually make something! Shocking, I know!

Todays trend is: Black & While Halloween

The other day, I was perusing the Better Homes and Gardens website for Halloween Decor.  Lots of great Black and & White Halloween ideas.

Here's an idea to make your own creepy dishtowels in Black and White:
I love this idea for using white plates with images and numbers to display your house number!  I think it would be great to change out the images for each season.
Speaking of plates, why not add the black and white theme to your table decor.  Having a Halloween party??
Lastly, from BHG is this white pumpkin idea.  I've got a white pumpkin downstairs that's been staring at me, just daring me to put something on it.  I'm not a huge fan of carving pumpkins.  I don't much care for the slimy mess.  But slapping some vinyl on one?  I'm all over that.  I wish I had that hat, though.
Enough of you BHG, let's switch over to the iconic Martha Stewart.  Here's a cute idea.  At least, I think it's cute.  My kids would probably refuse to go into the bathroom.  This would be cool done in some removable glass etch vinyl:
Also from Martha, check out this skirt!  Of course, as cool as it is, I just couldn't bear to wear a spider on me, even if it's fake and two-dimensional.  Spiders of any kind are not welcome in my house.  It would be an awesome witch skirt though, wouldn't it?
Elsewhere on the web, this fun party decor idea from Room For Dessert is an awesome blend of black, white, sliver, and awesomeness.  I love it.
Speaking of parties... why not some black and white party food!  Here's an idea from myrecipes.com for Bittersweet Chocolate Skeleton Cookies.  Those boys are just sitting around all year long doing nothing, flirting with the angel cookie cutters, leaving crumbs around, etc... let's put them to work a couple of months early!  Time they earned their keep around here. These are so cute I  just want to bite their little heads off!
I sure hope this inspires you to include a little more Black & White in everything from your Halloween decor to your Halloween food!  Have fun with it!

Time to get crafty, people!

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