Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Wednesday: Vinyl Halloween Decor

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Well hello there, friends!  Nice to see you again.  It's the third day of Fall Break and I still manage to have my sanity mostly intact.  Funny how quickly I've gotten used to having the house to myself all day.  To be honest, though, I've really enjoyed having the girls around.  They've mostly gotten along and I enjoy sitting and listening to them play when they think I'm not paying attention.  The think I'm not paying attention most of the time until they hear me yell at them from the other room.  Hee Hee!  It's always fun to hear the scramble as they realize they've been caught up to something they ought not to have been up to.  Mostly it's involved jumping on the bed.  I think I can handle that.

The biggest issue I'm having with the kids is with Sam these days.  That girl cannot stop herself from raiding my craft studio!  I'm pondering moving into the guest room and installing a padlock.  The girls have have their scissor privileges revoked recently.  That was after I discovered Hailey's bangs cut to about 1/4" at the peak of her forehead.  And then everyone denied cutting her hair.  Well, I knew it wasn't me.  So, no more scissors.  However, no matter where I hide them, Sam manages to find them.  She's not very good at being sneaky.  For example, she brought me a pre-birthday present she'd made from cut up paper.  Hmmm... and where did you get the scissors? I ask.  Sigh.  And I've repeatedly told her that I'd be happy to let her borrow them as long as she asks first and returns them when she's done.  Apparently, she thinks I'll say no even if she asks.  The problem is, she never gives me the chance to say yes!  So, yesterday, I did my best to be trusting and let her borrow scissors several times.  This time all she sneaked out of my office was a nice full sheet of scrapbook paper.  I suppose that wasn't on the banned list specifically.  Time to lay out the rules one more time.

Okay, time for the easiest project EVER!!!!

Today's project is:  Vinyl Halloween Decor

The other day I was trying to think up some quick and easy Halloween Decor ideas.  I said to myself. "I've got my cutting machine and yards and yards of vinyl, so why not use it?" So, that's just what I did!

I decided I wanted to make it look like a whole bevy of bats {I know the correct term is "swarm" but I like bevy so much better} was flying past my house and casting shadows on it.  I cut a bazillion bats out of some glossy repositionable wall vinyl.  Okay, not a bazillion, somewhere around a hundred.  Anyway, it took about 8 feet of vinyl to do it and was quite possibly one of the easiest vinyl applications I've ever done.  I simply weeded the parts out I didn't want and then stuck them on the house like stickers.  The girls even helped me put them up with no issues at all.  I didn't bother with transfer tape since they weren't particularly intricate.  We only had one or two issues with the vinyl sticking to itself like a sheet of plastic wrap.  I was using the repositionable kind so it wasn't too hard to straighten them out.  The girls loved getting into the act, too.  We tried our best to make sure the bats were all flying in the same direction.  The girls wanted to put them up however they felt like so I had to make occasional corrections, but all in all, it was a fun hour long project to do with them.

I was concerned that they wouldn't stick to my stucco finished house, but they stuck just fine.  And when it got hot in the afternoon, they melted a little like shrink plastic to conform to the contours of the house. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself!

Sam decided to count all the bats and came up with about 93.

If you have a cutter, you should totally try this.  I used my Itty Bitty Halloween Scene design for the bats.  I cut them in sizes ranging from a few inches wide up to about 15" wide.  I would recommend something that doesn't have a lot of detail.  I don't think you need it.  If you don't have a cutter, find someone who does, or just stop on by!  Okay, maybe call first.

We've even had neighbors come out for a walk just to see our bats!  Awesome!

You too, can make this!!!!

Time to get crafty, people!

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Gabby said...

Wow! That is TOO cool. Looks much better than the cobweb that's falling apart on my porch, lol.

The...Late, Young Family

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

What a great idea and it looks so good! This would look great with my floaty bats, I'll have to try it. I remember when I had my four kids at home I had to pay close attention all the time! Good luck with your own children. It's all worth it when they grow up to be great adults and then they give you grandbabies. :o)

Maureen said...

They look so awesome!!!
I love it :)
Found you and your amazing blog on TC Blogs :)

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