Friday, October 7, 2011

Re-Post from 11.7.07 - Twick or Tweet

This is a repost of my November 7th, 2007 blog post on my old blog.  I want to save some of my more important blog posts before the old blog goes away.  Hey, I think it's good enough to share twice!

This was only my third blog posting ever!  My how things have changed! We had just moved to AZ and neither of my girls were in school.  I had just started designing for Paperthreads and staying home with my kids. It was an amazing time in my life!  Hailey was not quite 2 years old and Samantha was 4.

Ok, I'm a little late for Halloween, I know! But things are a little hectic around here and I'm still trying to figure out how to use this blog! 

Last week was Halloween and let me tell you... it was the busiest one ever for us! I think the girls could have just slept in their costumes all week we had so many activities to wear them to. There was Ballet Class on Monday, Preschool on Tuesday, "Trunk or Treat" in the church parking lot on Tuesday night, Story Time at the Library on Wednesday, and then finally the main event on Wednesday night! Samantha was the only Cow Girl at ballet class amid a sea of princesses. I told her it was great that she was different because it made her special, but she still wants to be a princess next year. Hailey was a Goldfish, but with her homemade costume everyone thought she was something else from a Rooster to a Candy Corn. Oh well! They had so much fun all week long. Here's a few pictures of them in their costumes outside our house on Halloween night.

I'm still getting used to this Arizona weather... Halloween in shorts and a T-Shirt? Never would have been able to do that in New England. Amazingly, they didn't really overload on candy. We gave out a ton that night which helps. We still have some in a bowl and they haven't noticed it much. Unfortunately, that means more for me! 

Here's a funny story for you... When the girls came home from Trick-or-Treating (or as Hailey says "Twick-or-Tweet"), I went through their buckets to see what wasn't appropriate for them (and what was appropriate for me!), and lo and behold I found a folded up postcard in both girls buckets. It was an advertisement for a local photo studio. Who gives out ads for Halloween?!?! I was so annoyed! I think that's taking commercialism to it's limit right there. The sad thing is that it was a cute ad and had I received it in my mailbox I probably would have been interested. I was totally turned off though. Count this potential customer off their list! What's next?

Thanks for playing!

P.S. Can I just say that since I started writing this entry this morning, I've made breakfast, gotten the girls dressed, changed a poopy diaper, read two stories, rescued Hailey from the top bunk of the bunk bed, rescued Hailey from the kitchen table, rescued the chocolate chip cookies from Hailey, taken the girls and our neighbors to story time at the library and back, answered 20 emails, and lost this entire log and had to recreate it (Note to self: don't click on a link in the preview screen before you save). Oh, and drank a Diet Coke and ate two cookies and a cinnamon roll. Now I have to go make lunch but I really want a nap!

Hmmm... Funny how some things change and some things stay the same!

Time to get crafty, people!

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