Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trendwatch Tuesday: Vintage Halloween

Can you believe it's October already?  What in the world happened to September?  It's like someone stole a couple of weeks from me.  I guess that's what happens when you are ridiculously busy all day long.

My typical day starts about 5:30 AM.  That's when I snooze my alarm twice.  Ha ha!  Then I get the girls up around 6:00 AM and ready for school.  The bus comes at 6:45 AM.  I think that's pretty darn early.  Then I have some nice quiet time to eat breakfast, read scriptures, generally ponder life.  Sometime during that time I can usually coax the dog out of his kennel.  He's like a teenager, doesn't want to get up.  Then I usually spend the morning here on the computer. Creating, blogging, re-working my old designs to go up in the new store.  At some point, I realize that I've been sitting for far too long and I painfully get up out of my chair and go do something else.  It usually involves getting a Diet Coke and a snack.  Once in a while I throw in some housework unless I can avoid it.  Today I'm attempting to finish the laundry I started on Friday.  Sad!  Might make salsa later - with actually ingredients from my garden.  Glad!  The girls get off the bus around 2:30.  We spend the afternoon doing homework.  I usually have 2 to 4 piano students in the afternoon, as well.  Did you know I teach piano?  Now you do!  Then I frantically try to figure out what to make for dinner at about 5:00 PM.

Hmm... actually sounds quite boring.  Are you still awake?  Well, time to wake up, Chickies, it's Trendwatch Tuesday time!

Today's trend is... Vintage Halloween

Vintage is everywhere, as it has been for a while.  I guess not everywhere, but it seems like it.  We all want to turn back to a simpler time, don't we?  Although, what we'd do without all our electronic gadgets, I don't know.  Seems like we really just want to {look} back to a simpler time, not actually live it.

To start us off, how about some vintage inspired decorating ideas from the HGTV Designs Happens blog.  Do you see those cameos?  I feel another trend coming on!  Love the black and white color scheme here.
black and white halloween ideas

Check out this free Vintage Halloween printable I found on one of my new favorite websites, The Graphics Fairy.

Here's another free printable from Coco & Bella.  I spy an antique label!

I've also spotted a few really gorgeous Halloween paper crafting lines that feature vintage inspired patterns.  Here are my favorites!

I know I mentioned the Apothecary collection from Echo Park papers last week.  How can you not like this line?  Plus they are double-sided.  Double-sided is my favorite!

Another favorite collection?  Phantom by Pink Paislee.  Including more double-sided glory!  Oh look!  Cameos!
Phantom - Haunted 00553
Phantom - Apparition 00554
Phantom - Enchantress 00556
Phantom - Mystic 00557

Next up... Teresa Collins' Haunted Hallows Collection. There are lots of goodies in this line. Glitter paper, trims, rhinestones, oh my!  These are also double sided although not shown here.  More cameos... hmmm...

Last on my list of vintagy Halloween scrapbook?  It's Fancy Pants Designs Oct 31st collection. Also double-sided.  I guess it's everyone's favorite, now! I like the non-traditional color additions of lavender and turquoise to this collection. Tons of coordinating add-ons, too.

Okay, I'm totally inspired now. Gotta start decorating my house for Halloween!

Time to get crafty, people!

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