Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Super Steal - 3D Halloween Bat Card

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It's October and I'm missing my favorite time of year in New England.  There's probably no place in the the world as colorful in the Autumn months as New England.  These photos were taken near our home in Connecticut several years ago.

Although I miss the color and the leaves and the crispness of the air... I don't miss the raking!

Autumn here in Arizona is marked by a general cooling of the overnight temperatures.  Sometime around Thanksgiving you'll probably need a sweater.  My kids think they need a sweater at the bus stop these days.  I usually look and the temp is around 70°.  Too cool for their desert blood, I suppose.  I think it feels wonderful!  We do have the leaves fall off the trees.  I don't know why but it usually happens overnight.  You wake up one morning and your acacia tree is naked and there's a bunch of little leaves on the ground around it.  Kind of funny.

Hey, so did you pick up last Friday's freebie?  I hope you did, it was a good one.  I love those 3D Cards of mine.  Here's deal for you to pick up another one!

Today's Monday Super Steal is: 3D Halloween Bat Card

And this really is a super steal!  Use the following coupon code to get 50% off the already discounted price!  That's right, this guy is already on sale for 25% off as a part of my month long "Fall in love with Sam & Hailey" sale on all my Halloween and Fall items.  The coupon will give you an EXTRA 50% off the sale price!  So instead of the regular $2.99 price, you can get this baby for just $1.12 today!  Sweet deal!

The coupon code for this deal is: JB_HALLOWEEN2

You'll need to enter the code in the shopping cart page {before} you go to checkout.  The coupon is only good today, so don't miss out!

Time to get crafty, people!

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