Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trendwatch Tuesday: Ravens

Whoa, one week before Halloween and the feathers are flying!  Raven feathers that is!  It's been the year of the bird and the year of the owl in the design world recently.  Could it be the year of the raven?  Will we be seeing the raven dressed up in a Santa suit?  Bunny ears?  Probably not, but this certainly seems to be the "Season of the Raven."  Raven's are popping up everyone.  And, frankly, I'm loving it.  I'm not a blood and guts Halloween fan.  I'm more of an Edgar Allen Poe Halloween fan.  I prefer the creepy, vintage macabre of Poe over just about any other form of horror Halloween.

My favorite Simpson's episode?  It has to be the very first Annual Treehouse of Terror episode featuring James Earl Jones' reading of Poe's The Raven.  Best episode ever, in my humble opinion.

Linking for the video. Hope it works!

So, with that little introduction...

Today's Trendwatch is: Ravens

They're perching just about everywhere and the site I've seen the most on?  Definitely MarthaStewart.com.

Check out these lovelies hanging out on a front porch.  There's even a tutorial on how to make them.

Here's a tutorial on how to make cobwebs from MS.  But what caught my eye were the ravens eating out of the candy dish.  Love it!
Lastly, why not make your own No-Sew Raven Costume!  I'm not much for dressing up but this one tempts me.

Another Go-To Decorating site is Better Homes and Gardens (bhg.com).  Lots of ravens spotted there, too.
Ravens in a dead tree, a spooky centerpiece.
This Bed Dead & Breakfast sign with the waiting ravens cracks me up.
Add a little classic Poe to your decor with the caged bird.
In the Papercrafting universe... AKA the Paperverse... why not try a little Raven Flocked Paper from the My Minds Eye Haunted line.  Ravens?  Flocked?  On Kraft Paper?  Why yes, I'll have seconds please!
Even Stampin Up is getting on the Raven bandwagon in their 2011 Holiday Mini Book.  Their raven is dressed up as a clown, though. How humiliating.  Nevermore!

How about a printable sheet from The Raven by EA Poe before you go?  Click to enlarge and then right click to download.

Hope this gets you all riled up for some spooky {but not gory} Halloween fun!

Time to get crafty, people!

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